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3D Printing
& Milling

In digital dentistry, categories such as scanning software, 3D Printing, and Milling, ​have all become the standard in the fabrication of restorations, creating form functionality and customization. Our highly trained technicians are devoted to bringing the most detailed enhancements while communicating with you through the design process. 


Customized &
Stock Abutments

With screw-retained implants, cementable custom Zirconia abutments, and All-On-X bridges, our lab is dedicated to making the entire implant process smooth, easy, and highly detailed for you. We focus on using quality materials while also making sure that your needs as a dental practice are met. Our process is clearly outlined for you so that you'll always be able to communicate any additional needs or preferences to meet your patient's anatomical and personal requests.


Partial &
Full Dentures

Whether partials or full dentures, your patients are looking for realistic prosthetics that keep their mouths functional and smiling. 


Tooth &
Fracture Repair

Over time and with improper care, dentures and teeth can break. We are here to help you and your patients through these situations by working on high-quality repairs of all kinds. 


Easy Servicing
For All Your Needs

 Simply contact us to find out more or set up a meeting with someone from our team!

Denture Repairs
Additional Services
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